Lease End Options at Jim Hudson Lexus Columbia

You have many options during the lease-end process, and our Finance team is here to help you at Jim Hudson Lexus Columbia. These helpful videos answer many common questions that may arise when making the best decision for you. Please call us or visit us today to begin your lease-end process.

Video 1: Know Your Lease-End Options

How to decide whether  to Replace, Return, or Purchase your Lexus


Video 2: Replacing your Lexus with a New Lexus

How to get into a new Lexus when your lease ends


Video 3: Purchasing your Leased Vehicle

How to buy your Lexus when your lease ends


Video 4: Returning your Leased Vehicle

How to prepare to return your Lexus to the dealer


Video 5: Get Your Lease Payoff Quote

How to begin the purchase process of your leased Lexus


Video 6: The Lease Buyout Process

How to obtain the necessary documents to get your Lexus’ title


Video 7: Final Billing and Early Return

How to read and understand your final billing statement


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